This is straying from what I usually cover on search insights but I found this so intriguing that I had to post it.  Below is a screenshot of a Google results page that appears when you type ‘gmail’ into the search box.  Look at the bottom left sitelink.  Weird eh?  No where on the Gmail homepage does it have a link saying ‘I believe god wants you to know’ which is where the sitelinks are normally generated so I’m completely stumped as to how this turned up here.  A quick Google search didn’t reveal anyone else had spotted this either?  Any suggestions welcomed.

Update… 07 Dec 2010

John Mueller from Google has recently contacted this blog to say the sitelink is now fixed (see comments below).  I’m  still confused as to why it would ever have appeared there (although I have a theory that Google was  crawling certain gmail accounts inadvertently).  Any suggestions welcomed in the comments below.

14 thoughts on “I believe god wants you to know

    1. Thanks john – would be interested to find out what’s behind it if you have time to report back? This blog post is being found by quite a few people searching for “I believe god wants you to know gmail” and other variations so there’s obviously quite a few people picking up on it.

  1. I saw this yesterday when I searched for Gmail. Today I decided to search about this, and this turned up 2nd. First was something on that has been removed.

  2. It looks like this is resolved now :-). The team here has looked into what caused this and are making some changes to prevent this from happening with other sites. Thanks again for posting about it.

  3. Nope, not fixed: it still appears.
    What does “are making some changes to prevent this from happening with other sites” mean?
    What is Google doing with our search after all?

  4. whoa, that strange icon that appears to the left of the names, it looks kind of pretty, but it also looks slightly swastika like! might need slight revision

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